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Chema Cobo: «In my work things are very subtly displaced to make people wonder what’s happening, what they’re looking at»
Chema Cobo is a man of his word, not only because he is trustworthy, but also because he likes looking to literature for inspiration, to writing for reflection, and to rhetoric — in a way that complements his approach to painting — to express and share what he thinks.
"Julio Romero de Torres was above all a free artist"
Marisa Oropesa, a professional with an extensive career as a cultural manager and art curator, talks to us about her latest project, "Julio Romero de Torres. Painter of Souls". The exhibition is currently showing in Zaragoza, and includes three paintings from the MAXAM collection.
MAXAM Bachelor’s and Master's Degree Dissertation Awards 2019
On May 30th, Santiago and Daniel received this recognition for their research work. In this interview, they describe their academic journey and what motivated them while they prepared their dissertations.
Alfonso Albacete: "A commission puts your painting to the test"
Alfonso Albacete, author of Vanitas (MAXAM Calendar 2019 stands at that midpoint where he has a solid career behind him and a future ahead in which to tell, express and show as much as he has said up to now through his paintings, prints, drawings and installations.
MAXAM Bachelor’s and Master's Degree Dissertation Awards 2018
On 30th May, Blanca and Irati received this recognition for their research work; an achievement which they have used as the basis to keep working on, as they tell us in this interview. 
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