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History articles

A long-standing quality heritage
With a history and pedigree dating back to 1828, Eley Hawk has earned a reputation for reliability, consistency and, above all, unequalled quality.
Black powder
A product with more than a thousand years of history
One of the four great Chinese inventions, along with paper, the compass and printing, essential for military, mining and infrastructure development.
250 years of the Artillery Academy of Segovia
Founded on the 16th of May 1764, the Artillery Academy of Segovia is the oldest active military academy of the world. So far, 11.500 officials and 4.500 sub-officials have been trained in its facilities.
A guide to recognizing your (mining) sants
Within Catholic tradition, patron saints are regarded as heavenly advocates for certain groups, effectively interceding on behalf of those who worship them. Given the challenges historically associated with the mining world, it’s no surprise that miners have two holy patrons: Saints Barbara and Lawrence.

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