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For every year since 1900, MAXAM has commissioned a prestigious painter to illustrate our traditional company calendar.

It was a novel undertaking in its day marking the beginnings of Spanish poster art and bringing art and culture to millions of homes with reproductions of the most representative and renowned paintings in Spanish art: Cecilio Plá, Julio Romero de Torres, Manuel Benedito Vives, Manolo Valdés, and Eduardo Úrculo, among others.

The Collection was started in 1899 when Arturo Mélida was commissioned to paint the watercolour that was intended to be the image on the cover of the almanac at the turn of the century. Since then, MAXAM 's commitment to the progress of society has meant that the annual presentation of the new painting has earned a place of its own on the cultural agenda.

It is a collection of more than one hundred pieces of artwork that make up a unique and representative part of Painting History and also representative of the tastes of Spanish society during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The MAXAM Foundation, responsible for its management, is in charge of taking care of the collection and making it grow with the yearly commissioning of a painting to be created by a renowned artist and then in charge of displaying it in their exhibition studio to the public.

Over a hundred years of political, economic, social and cultural events have accompanied this collection, a witness to its time though its scenes from the world of hunting or rural life, landscapes and still lifes, or its vast gallery of feminine forms popularly know as the "explosives’ women".


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