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RIOBLAST is a blast design and simulation software package, developed by MAXAM for drilling and blasting engineers and artillery experts. Its simple, intuitive interface can import actual data from the topography of the terrain/bench and display them in a 3D environment, and also import and superimpose georeferenced satellite photographs.

Once the bench to be blasted has been characterized, the user designs the drilling grids, explosive charge, firing times and sequence, along with simulations of the possible blasting results. These include tests on vibrations, fragmentation and projections in order to draw up a consistent blasting plan.


RIOBLAST is a powerful, intuitive software package, ideal for blasting in quarries, construction projects, underwater works and open and underground mining. It is made up of different modules –land, geometry and load, times and sequence, vibrations, fragmentation and projections, among others– specially designed to add value and help overcome the day-to-day problems facing drilling and blasting engineers and artillery experts.

 Blast simulation in quarry


Another important aspect of RIOBLAST is estimating environmental and safety parameters such as the level of vibrations generated by the blasts and their representation in the form of vibration isolines superimposed on the georeferenced satellite images. One of the modules can be used to obtain specific absorption laws for the place of work by analysing data collected in the field. Regarding to safety parameters, RIOBLAST can estimate projections and calculate the safety and exclusion zones required for both equipment and personnel. RIOBLAST also allows the rock to be geomechanically classified in as many areas as necessary, meaning it is possible to make predictions on the expected fragmentation curve, compare it against the measured fragmentation, and make the calibration adjustments necessary to improve and optimize future blasts. It also allows complete control when programming drilling and blasting operations, as well as optimization of blasting time and quality in order to ensure efficiency. One of its most important new features is the option to create customized modules based on customer requirements in terms of simulation and analysis of blasts, such as calculating mineral dilution. Be sure to contact MAXAM if you would like to see how using RIOBLAST can help you enhance your project.

Visualizing the vibration isoline.


Geomechanical classification of different rocks in the same bench.

Blasting solutions. February 2018


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