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MAXAM Foundation - MAXAM Collection - Introduction

The 1900 was the first year the explosive calendar saw the light. 

The year before, MAXAM assigned a prestigious artist to elaborate a piece of art to be reproduced in the calendar which subsequently would be used to promote the company’s products.

This initiative, pioneer in the business patronage and driving force of the posters of the time, has since repeated itself year after year forging a unique collection by the conception, theme and style of the art pieces that brings them together, as also by the authors that have conceived them since 1900 until today.

Over one hundred works and renowned artists have branded the calendars, turning them into a popular channel for art to reach the whole of society. The calendar collections, at the time considered as “the museum of those who never went to the museum” are the opposite today, they are visited in the exhibition rooms that the MAXAM Foundation periodically organizes exhibiting these works of art that gave them image.

A collection that grows with the assignment that each year the MAXAM Foundation gives to an artist recognized by both the critics and general public. And through its reproduction as the Calendar of Explosives it continues to bring the art to the whole of society.


Last update 2021.06.21
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